Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Boon Saucer Stay-Put divided plate

I own a lot of Boon products and love the way they look. This plate is no exception. If it is Boon I am going to buy it. Overall I have loved almost everything I have from Boon with a few exceptions. I find as a product line they look sleek and modern, contain no bad ingredients and are extremely durable.
This plate came out in December of 2008.
This like the other products in the Boon line are:BpA-free ,Phthalate-free, & PVC-free

Additionally the product isdishwasher safe has an age range range from 9+ months and dimensions are 7 inch diameter and 1 inch depth .

Aesthetics: It is available in two colors. Both of the plates are white, but the base is either pink or orange.The plate is divided into 3 segments so you can keep food separated. Best Feature:There are NO edges so little fingers can not pick up the plate and through it. I have seen lots of plates that claim to have suction and not be able to be picked up. None of them have measured up. My son tried and tried but was not able to pick up the plate. I am sure if you had a flat table or a tray without a lip they could slide it, but for us this has been great. He likes the independence of getting his own plate and I like that I am not cleaning it up from the floor.Ease of cleaning- Dishwasher safe.Overall- I have 3 boys and have tried hundreds of plates and cleaned up hundreds of messes. Little hands can not pick up this plate. It does what it promises You can look at it here : http://booninc.com/

Metro Moms-The place to be.

A few years back I came across a web-site. http://www.metroplexbaby.com/. If you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex you need to bookmark this site. They have listings by date of everything pregnancy/baby/child related, activities, events, story times you name it they got it with a guide of what ages it is appropriate for and driving directions how to get there. This calender had proven invaluable to my family.

I noticed on one of their tabs that they held events as well. It took me a while to get the courage to go, but last year I bit the bullet and bought tickets for my family to attend their annual Stroller Safari and Easter Egg hunt at the Dallas Zoo. First thing that I really like about this group, no membership or dues needed. You go to what you want to go to when you want to go to it. No yearly dues, required meetings, volunteer hours. They have a few events each month. Then 4 times a year they hold Best and Hottest.The event ran flawlessly and it was so nice to sit back and let someone else deal with it all for a change. I didn't have to stop and get cash since parking, admission and lunch were included in my ticket. I just got to go and enjoy myself with the kids.

SO I am sure you are wondering what is Best and Hottest? Best and Hottest is there signature event that they hold 4 times a year. It is a Moms Night Out and they rent out an entire restaurant to showcase the must have items from Pregnancy through childhood. Everyone picks a number and everyone goes home with one of the Best and Hottest products. This is such great way to learn about so many great items. When the event is announced they also have a web page that lists all the items that will be featured and some information about them. There are also links to the product web-sites so that you can do more research on your own. You get a goody bag that alone is worth the price of your ticket, and have a fun night out with the girls. You also get a prize that you did not leave the house with.

Metroplex Baby also offers a savings card. The Savings card is a lot like you Tom Thumb card. It is good for discounts at hundreds of local stores and Internet retailers. As well as local attractions like the zoo. If you purchase the card you get advance notice of all the Metro Mom events plus $5 off the cost of a ticket. If you are hoping to go to Best and Hottest you better purchase your card since I have never seen tickets still available at the end of the advance ticket sales for card holders. You can purchase you card at the same web-site www.metroplexbaby.com. Hope to see you there!

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Swipe Wipe Case by Skip Hop

I have to admit I was skeptical when I first saw this product. With 3 kids I have had my share of wipe containers. The ones that you can get in the trial size section of the store, the plastic ones and even the fancy fabric decorated ones. They are all compact but when it comes to reaching in after a blow-out experience the same is true for all of them. You have to struggle to separate the wipes. Not so with the Swipe Wipes case.The Swipe Wipe case is made by Skip Hop. I have a Skip Hop diaper bag and a few feeding items and I would definitely put it on my list of companies that I trust. The case itself is a white plastic case with a black strap that has a button enclosure. The plastic is BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free . It is translucent so you can see just when it is time to refill. It is about the same size as most wipe containers for travel or diaper bags. The strap is great so that you can attach it to the handle of your stroller or diaper bag so that you can grab it quickly if needed. There is a red slide button that allows you easy access to the wipes . They call this a "quick draw" feature that allows for wipes one at a time. When you need a wipe you just slide the red button up and grab a wipe. Close when you are done to keep the wipes moist.Putting it to the test: The Mall diaper changing station. My son had a blow out. The Swipe allowed for quick access to the wipes and I was able to grab them very quickly. They came out separately so I did not need to balance the one hand holding the baby while doing the dance to separate the wipes. That fact alone makes it worth every penny of the $7.99 that amazon is selling it for.I feel the powers that be at Skip Hop really know what a parent needs. This product has made a day out with the baby a lot less stressful.

Are you ready to join the Mafia?

I am a stay at home mom to 3 boys. When it comes to kids and babies there are not many things that I have not tried. So I decided to blog about some of my favorite items and some not so favorite. Please feel free to ask any questions about the products!